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Novara Media: Biden Time

Independent Sage

Open democracy

Save Lewisham Hospital

Women’s Health and COVID-19

Resetting the Political Economy – Conference

Rally: Stop the US trade deal

Young Fabians

Covid and Health Inequalities

The Impact of Covid-19:
No turning back the clock on equality

Defund the police, invest in our communities Part 1: What does this mean for the UK?

Another World Is Possible

Prior to the TUC & Labour annual events, we are bringing together socialist MPs, trade unionists, movements to put people before profit & international guests to rally the Left for the struggles ahead & demand a better world.

Empower and educate #FundTheFuture

Care for Our Carers: Let’s Get Nurses the Pay Rise They Deserve


Organising on mental health – from resilience to resistance

Wow Global 24



Lessons from a Pandemic:

End NHS Privatisation & Underfunding

Migration Festival

Is Covid-19 racist?

The broadest shoulders – women, the frontline & COVID-19

FWN and the Fabian are excited to bring you this discussion about women, the health and social care sector and COVID-19

Racism kills.
Racism IS a public health crisis.
The fatalities ignored

On how BAME people are being disproportionately impacted by Coronavirus, and how we can demand structural change.

Keep NHS Public

For too long we have taken the NHS for granted. Services have been shut down, downgraded or sold off. After this – things must change. Our panel of experts will be discussing the lessons we must learn and how we can rebuild from here

Quarantine Question Time with Swarzy Macaly

LARAF Weekly Meeting:

Covid19 + BAME Workers
w/ Dr Sonia Adesara

People before Profit: Solidarity with Our NHS On-line Rally

This weekend NHS Doctor Sonia handed in hundreds of your NHS Christmas cards to Boris Johnson at Number 10 🎄

They’re a festive reminder for the PM from some of the 1.25 million people who’ve signed her petition that people love the NHS – and want to keep it OUT of a US trade deal!

The Peoples Assembly

Budget day Special with Jeremy Corbyn and Faiza Shaheen

Advocacy and Health

Sonia Adesara NHS not for sale

NHS not for Sale

The crisis facing #ourNHS was entirely predictable and preventable.
8 years cuts, underfunding and understaffing
20,000 extra deaths in the 1st four months of this year
15,000 beds cut
Staff shortages reaching 100,000
We are short of 30,000 nurses, 10,000 doctors
Increased outsourcing to the private sector
Top-down structural changes leading to fragmentation and making inroads to privatization
This government’s policies are deliberately undermining the NHS and its founding principles.
If you believe in the #nhs #Free4AllForever
We need to fight for it
Join the #OurNHS70 demo on June 30

Demo for Abortion rights

Abortion rights demo speech outside Parliament.


Live video from Labour Party conference

Gender based violence: Role of public services in prevention and elimination.
Chair: Sonia Adesara
Jess Philips
Nimco Ali
Sarah Green
Heather Harvey


International Day to End Violence Against Women 25th November.

Raised £1020 for Circle & Southall Black Sisters.

Women’s Health and Austerity – Femedic live event

I represented 50:50 Parliament at Femedic’s first live event, ‘How Does Austerity Affect Women’s Health’

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Fabian Society Annual Conference: Future of the NHS

Speaking at the Annual Conference of Fabian Society.

NHS: is it serving the 21st Century?