Today marks 2 years since the expansion of #HostileEnvironment Introduction of #upfront charging for migrants in #ourNHS Denying people healthcare due to their inability to pay is inhumane We’ll never know the true number who have suffered & died as a result of these policies

We are protesting outside @NHSEngland as they have been mass sharing patient data with credit check firm @Experian… Seems likes that ‘universal principle’ of patient CONFIDENTIALITY has an exclusion criteria: brown/foreign?!

These polices #upfrontcharging #HostileEnvironment have resulted in people with cancer dying in pain Pregnant women unable to get maternity care People dying from treatable illnesses cos they are too scared to see a doctor This is inhumane This has to stop !

Not only inhumane But as the #Windrush scandal showed Inherently racist With people of colour or those with a ‘foreign’ names being denied healthcare @NHSEngland have stated explicitly their aim to reduce health inequalities

So how can @NHSEngland say they plan to reduce health inequalities, Whilst supporting & implementing #HostileEnvironment policies That prevent some the most marginalised & vulnerable in our society from accessing healthcare?!

Johnson told us last week that the NHS treats people “whoever you are, no matter where you come from” Of course, he knew this was a bare-faced lie Everyday people are denied healthcare due to policies HIS party implemented #BorisLies #ToryLies

The outsourcing of border control to NHS workers is dangerous & immoral In a civilised society, the colour of someones passport or their inability to pay should not affect whether I can provide them with care EVERYONE has a right to healthcare #PatientsNotPassports #docsnotcops